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(Every month we send out an email update to keep everyone up to date on where we are. In an effort to streamline our connections with everyone, I will start posting it here as well so that no one is left out.)
We’ve got a very important update for you this month. If you remember back in March we told you that April 1st was our deadline. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach our budget, but we were granted a three month extension. That extension expires on July 1st, leaving us just about two weeks to finish our fundraising. Once again we are praying for a miracle with a very quick deadline. Here is the update on where we stand.

Our monthly support budget is at 60%. We have about $3,500 left to raise. You may be thinking, $3,500 in two weeks is impossible. I’d agree, but fortunately we serve a big God who dwells in the impossible and we are trusting that it will come together. Although it seems like a huge number still to raise, my heart has been nagging me that it only takes 100 new supporters at $35/month. Now, 100 individuals and churches seems like a lot, but consider this:
This newsletter goes out to almost 300 people. Less than a third of those are already monthly supporters, leaving about 200 recipients who have not yet made a commitment. If just half of those would fill out a faith promise of $35/month in the next two weeks, we would enter our review with complete confidence that our support has been raised!!

It doesn’t seem quite so impossible now, does it? Can you be one of our 100? This link will take you to our online commitment form. Please fill it out and then send us an email at letting us know that you have made a commitment. (That will help us make sure headquarters records it.)

Our cash budget is also at 60%. We have about $10,000 left to raise. If we had all of our monthly support in place, it would take less than two months to fulfill our cash budget, not to mention the offerings we’re receiving weekly.

If you’re already a monthly supporter, first of all we thank you! We couldn’t have made it this far without you. Would you please pray specifically for the need we have listed here. If we are all in agreement in prayer on this matter, I have no doubt that God will bring forth the support we need. We are so ready to get to Colombia and reach souls for the Kingdom. Please keep this in your prayers. You can also help by spreading the word to other friends and pastors who don’t yet know us or support us.

June Update

It’s been a bit crazy as we’ve traveled and tried to get the word out about the needs in Colombia! In fact, this month Corey preached services in Michigan (with the kids) while Tona spoke in Georgia. We were able to reunite in Michigan to celebrate our nephew’s high school graduation and open house and now we’re preparing for another journey. We’ll leave on Thursday to travel from Michigan to Florida with stops and meetings in Ohio and Georgia. Did I say it’s a bit crazy?!?

Alex and Maggie completed school on June 3rd and are enjoying summer break visiting with friends and family. They are very excited to return to Colombia. In fact, just recently Maggie stood before a room full of pastors and asked them to help us. If you know Maggie, you’d know that she barely speaks at home – she’s very quiet and shy, but she was convinced that we’re not doing enough so she stood up to speak for herself! God has called our entire family – there’s no doubt about that!

May you be greatly blessed. Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.


Corey, Tona, Alex and Maggie Kautz