Hi there!

We’re getting so excited for Christmas! We decorated our apartment the weekend after Thanksgiving and Alex makes sure every day that all of the Christmas lights are turned on. Last weekend we went to the Egleston’s Children’s Parade downtown Atlanta, levitra which is always such a fun experience. This year we were a little wiser and took a big thermos of hot chocolate to keep us warm. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we were able to feel our toes at the end.

Sadly the city has passed a law that we can no longer take lunches around to the homeless on our way to the parade, so we decided to take candy instead. A couple of years ago when we ran out of lunches all we could find was a bag of candy and the response to a little piece of chocolate was amazing! It’s such a blessing to see Alex and Maggie eager to share love with those others just walk past. This year Alex decided the police officers lining the streets were also due some candy, so he gave to them, too.

If you’re interested in pictures of the parade or just some recent family outings we’ve been on you are welcome to vist http://photos.yahoo.com/tonakautz where we’ve posted quite a few photo albums.

We’d love to hear what your family traditions are!




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