Let me take a moment here to break away from all the LACC updates and give you exciting news! Today Corey received the call that we have passed all the screening and application process and are officially Candidate Missionaries! Although to most it may seem just a change in title, recipe to us it is much more and we are very proud to have made it to this milestone and look forward to this new chapter in our missions journey.

I should note – we are officially approved to return to Colombia at the end of our itineration!! Corey and I, buy cialis as well as Alex and Maggie, ask are thrilled and anxious to raise our funds and get back to the country we so dearly love! Please keep us in your prayers as we begin filling our schedule with services and seeking supporters to help us get back to the field. Let us know if you’d like us to visit your church or if you’d like more information on becoming a support partner with us.