Today was scheduled to be a pretty normal one. We had a VBS scheduled with the children’s workers from our church to go to a small church on the edge of town. Adding to an already slightly rough morning, viagra they are repaving the roads outside of our house and everyone decided to park outside our gate, ambulance making it impossible for us to leave on time. We arrived nearly 20 minutes late. I felt terrible and was apologizing to David, online the children’s pastor. We went in the church to get everything we needed to load in the cars. As we went up into the children’s church area David was showing me things that needed to go and then guided me towards the “backstage” area. I assumed we were grabbing more stuff from there. As I walked behind the curtain I opened my mouth to ask what he needed me to get when the lights came on and I was showered in confetti! I was stunned! I also think I ate a handful of confetti. I felt so special. They sang to me in Spanish and then in English. They had a cake and everything was just so sweet! They gave me a poster that says “Enjoy happily the life that with love God gave you” and they wrote messages to me on the back. One of the guys gave me a traditional Colombian decoration and one of the girls gave me a special chocolate and strawberries candy bar. They made me give a speech and then several of them gave me encouraging words. We had cake and laughed a bit before heading off to do VBS. The love and connection I feel for these special people made me proud to be in Colombia on this day. I am blessed to have them in my life and I can’t think of a cooler way to spend my birthday! I also need to say a great big thank you to Corey set it all up! I have an awesome husband :).