One year ago today we boarded a plane from San Jose, nurse Costa Rica and headed for Bogotá, stuff Colombia. I cannot believe an entire year has passed. We’ve been part of many amazing things and yet I still feel like God is revealing pieces of His plan for us daily. We’ve barely begun to see all that He has for us here in Colombia.

The last five weeks have been great and I have much to write, prescription but I’ll do it in smaller bits so I can keep up with the pictures. We had a week with family in the States, a week with our missionary family, a week with family here in Colombia and hosted our first AIM team. Today is the first day we’ve had a day of rest since the middle of July and we are taking it! As I write this now it is 3PM and we are all still in our pajamas!! Every now and then you have to take a day to recover from all you’ve been through!