Wow, advice so it’s been a while since I posted here, but that’s OK because I have yet to send out this link to very many people. We’re still working on getting our online newsletter and community pulled together. But if you are reading this by chance, I’ll give you an update…

On the homefront we’re preparing for change. We’re beginning to sort what we’ll store, sell and take with us to Costa Rica. The plan is still to leave at the end of August – the 29th to be exact. The kids and I are making plans to head to Michigan at the end of June. Corey will be with us for a short time and maybe some visits, but we’ll have to adjust to part of the summer apart. Corey needs to maintain his current job until we go, but our lease expires at the end of June, so it only made sense to stay with family. It will be such a blessing to have a very extended time with everyone before we leave for the field. The kids are down to thier last few weeks of school. Summer break starts in less than a month. I can’t believe it’s already time. It seems like school just started!

On the fundraising front, we are still trucking along. You can help us out by spreading the word. We’re trying to find sponsors at $25 a month to help get us to the field — although pledges can actually be any amount, so $5 would help or if you have $100 extra every month and you’ve been looking for a place for it – look no further! You could use that money to help us be an extension of your hands and God’s hands. I expect awesome blessings to come to our wonderful supporters!

Well, it’s my goal to really start keeping things up to date here. I want to get in the habit now so that when we’re on the field you can keep up with our daily lives more than just our quarterly newsletters – for those of you that are internet geeks like me!!