We are so far away from home, malady yet sometimes the world doesn’t seem quite so huge. I remember one day when we were living in Atlanta that a friend from my high school in Michigan showed up on my doorstep. He was working for a company that was going door to door and they just happened to be canvassing our neighborhood. Well, it’s not that random here, but Corey’s mom is in Kiwanis with a friend who has a house here just outside of San Jose. They are new friends to us, but we are so blessed to have them near by! They were kind enough to bring things from our families when they flew in and we enjoyed a day at their house. We had so much fun! They have a beautiful condo and a fantastic swimming pool! We are so grateful for friends all over the world!

Maggie with her new friend, Anna. Anna is from Ireland.

Alex found a quiet corner to hang out by the wall of fountains.