You may have been reading my entries wondering what it means exactly to sponsor a child. Let me give you a little bit more detail. When you decide to sponsor a child you are committing to send in $32 a month for that child to go to school. You and your child will be able to write back and forth through letters that are translated for you so you understand each other. You’ll have the opportunity to send gifts either directly through mail or by sending in extra money that the school will use to go buy the child a gift. There are some kids who have only ever received a birthday or Christmas gift from their sponsor and nobody else. (I should clarify that gifts are not required to be sent, physician it’s just another way to bless a child.) You are able to choose which child you will sponsor either by going to the LACC website – or by contacting us to help you choose a child. There are about 140 children currently in schools that need a sponsor and more that are waiting to be able to enter a school. If you’d like more information, sildenafil please send me an email at or leave a voicemail at 770.901.9077 (local to Atlanta). Please help us give an education to the needy children of Colombia.