To our friends and family trying to get in touch with us, sales here is what is going on…
We returned to Costa Rica from Nicaragua Tuesday evening. Wednesday we went to the consulate in Costa Rica and they told us we needed one more paper. The consul said he would review our papers and call us that afternoon. We waited and he never called. Thursday morning we went back with the extra paper. This time he said…well, store actually he spoke only through a secretary, medical not directly to us…that he would not even review our papers until the next week. The secretary very secretively went and got the other man who had been helping us a few weeks ago. They told us that although they had no power to do anything in Costa Rica that he could get us help at the Nicaraguan embassy if we could get there. So we rushed home, threw a few things in a bag and took off for the bus station. We arrived in Nicaragua Thursday night.

This morning we went to the consulate here and we had to have one letter from Colombia rewritten. Monday we will take our papers to the embassy and have an interview with the consulate. From there it could take up to 10 days to process, although the secretary here did tell us that is really a maximum they give us so we are not pressuring them to get it done. We are really hoping it will come back in a day or so.

Fortunately, we have two missionary friends here in Managua. Our first night was a bit of an adventure, but we are now in the safety of friends. I am borrowing a computer from a Nicaraguan pastor, so I will have to write of all our adventures in a later blog.

To the moms, sister and anyone else who is worried… we are doing fine, but contact will be few and far between. I have tried to leave messages for you, but the connection was not very good, so I am not sure if you received it. If there is an emergency you can call us at 011-505-663-6476. This is the cell phone of missionary Fernando Padron. He will answer in Spanish, but he speaks English.

Please keep praying that everything will go smoothly. We are all pretty tired but trying to keep our spirits up. Thanks!