I apologize for the ever increasing distance between posts. It’s been a bit of a crazy week not only here in Costa Rica, viagra sale but back home in Michigan. Thank you to so many of you who have sent messages or called to say you are praying. If you’re not up on what’s going on I’ll give you the short story… my sister went into the hospital on Wednesday night with severe stomach pain. The doctors were going in basically to do an appendectomy, but what they found was a tumor. They ended up having to do major surgery to remove the tumor and she is in the hospital now recovering from the surgery. Technology makes life amazing. We have local numbers so everyone can call, email makes it possible to get letters instantly and even instant messaging lets you have a spur of the moment conversation. But yesterday as I knew she was in the hospital and things were getting a bit scary, technology was not much help to me. It didn’t allow me to be there to hold her hand or smile for her and give her encouragement. Instead I sat waiting for sparce phone calls and updates from cell phones that kept breaking up. Instantly the reality of how far away from home we really are hits. It’s not so easy to jump a plane home or hurry up and get there. So we sit here praying and asking for peace and wisdom on what we should do. Hence, comes the title of this blog because I so wish I could just fly up there yet keep up with our duties here. It’s not possible. It tears me apart to not be at the hospital with her, but it’s amazing how our beings can be divided. There is a strong part of me that feels guilt for not being there with her and so badly wants to be there. But there is another part of me that feels patience. Wait it out. Wait on God. I was praying in chapel this morning and asking God what I should do. Do I get out of here ASAP or do I watch from afar? God is awesome. Not five minutes after I prayed that prayer he confirmed that I was to wait. It’s in His hands and I need to trust that. And I do. A friend told me that God must have awesome plans for us in Colombia because it seems like Satan is working so hard to keep us from ever getting there. I have to believe that is true and just keep praying until He tells me otherwise.

So as you read this, please keep my sister, Josi, in your prayers. The doctors say she is making an amazing recovery very quickly and she should be able to go home on Sunday or Monday. Pray for her continued healing and for her strength to be restored. And thank you to all of our prayer partners out there. You are amazing!