It is a powerful feeling to be sitting in a room full of people who are passionate about living for God! Yesterday we were sitting in the campus chapel with all of the missionaries. One of the many tasks we have while we’re here in training is to be part of a choir that sings during our commissioning service. This is mandatory – not an option. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Corey and I may have grumbled a little in the beginning about having to be part of a choir, remedy but it’s been amazing!
It has all been coming together pretty well very quickly and yesterday as we sang through our song the presence of God was so strong. The truth of the matter is, healing this is a very emotionally charged time for a lot of reasons. We are fortunate to have been through this process before and know what’s going to happen, healing know what it’s like to live in another country, etc., but I remember feeling the way so many of the new missionaries are feeling – worried about the changes, stressed out by the uncertainties and the questions you don’t have answers to, or even more the questions you don’t know you need to ask. We’ve had four days of constant sessions, our brains being overloaded with information and those of us with kids are watching our kids have fun yet be exhausted and a little overwhelmed themselves. Put all that together and then put all of those emotions in a room of people feeling the exact same way and you’ve got a room of people who just want to get to work for God, but are feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of what lies ahead.
As we began to sing the song the first time through one of the soloist got choked up and couldn’t finish her part. We made it through the song, did it again and the second time we got through it, by the end we were all praising God…forgetting that we were supposed to be practicing. From there the Spirit just moved through the crowd. What was just a routine practice became an intense prayer session and a time to encourage one another. We know from the last time we went through training that what many say is true – the connections we make during these few weeks are relationships that will become so important to us over the years. There are times when only another person in the same boat as you can understand the struggles you may be having or understand the victory of a small cultural accomplishment. A bond is formed here that we will carry with us as we all go throughout the world.
In perfect timing, last night we had a special guest for our service and again we found ourselves lingering over and hour past when we were supposed to end. We had a very powerful service with a beautiful prayer time and a wonderful time of refreshing and renewal. I personally felt such a lift after stressing out about our budget issues and all of the information we had been given.
On a praise report note, we have had $200 in new pledges come in, half way to what we need to raise by the end of next week! Keep it in your prayers, please! We know God has great things ahead! It’s time for another choir practice and I, for one, can’t wait to get there! Be blessed!
p.s. The picture above cracks me up because one of our new missionaries is named Charlie Brown!