I cannot believe it is February already! As you probably know, cheap our target date to leave for the field is in April. We still have quite an amount of monthly support to raise, viagra so while we are praying for a miracle to leave in April, treat we are planning our itineration through June.

At the beginning of last week as I sat down to set my plans and goals for the week I realized we would need to raise about $250 in new support every week to raise the remainder our support by the end of June. I started the week optimistic, realizing that’s a lot of support in one week, but also knowing that God has our supporters out there, we just have to wait on His timing.
To be honest, some days are tough. We make LOTS of phone calls and maybe get one or two services booked. Every day I ask God to direct us in who we are calling and also that He will help those who have us under consideration to remember us and be moved to support. It can be hard sometimes to have to depend on the help of others to get us to Colombia. Our hearts are there and we can’t wait to get back, but we must wait until all of the support is received.
So by midweek we had $100 in new monthly support come in and I was excited that we were making progress, but then I was amazed by the end of the week that over $400 in new support had come in – going well above and beyond our $250 goal. As we begin a new week, we are excited for what lies ahead this week and once again we are asking for $250 in new monthly supporters, but hopeful that God will again blow our goal out of the water with His plan!
Along with the excitement of new monthly supporters, our Sunday morning service was incredible as well. The Spirit was so present and we had a wonderful service. In a church of about 100 to 150, we were stunned when they gave us an offering check of $4200!!! Simply amazing! Not only did God go above and beyond in new monthly supporters, but that offering will make a great push in our cash budget as well.
We are so very blessed and excited to see what more God will do. Like I said, we’re planning through June but we have not given up hope that God will work some miracles to have us on the field in April. Should that not work out, however, we will not be discouraged because we know His timing is perfect and whenever we depart we will know it is because we have finished the work He has for us here in the States and are now prepared to work in Colombia.
Have a blessed day!