I love my job! I mean, drugstore how cool is it when you get to tear down a drug house and build a school? My latest project is in a very poor and a bit dangerous area southwest of Bogota. The city is called Cazuca and is on top of a mountain that overlooks Bogota. Although the school is an existing LACC School it is in need of major improvements and I get the honor of designing/redesigning an addition to the school. While visiting the school to take measurements and evaluate the task ahead, the school’s director was talking about the past occupants of the neighboring houses. He pointed to the house that shares a wall with the school and said that a drug dealer lived there for many years and was a drain on the community. The property now belongs to the school and the first order of business is to destroy that house. What once emprisoned the community will now provide a free education to the poor. God is good! Well, I’ll stop typing for now and get back to the designs. Did I mention that I love my job?