I hear Alanis Morissette singing “Isnt It Ironic” in the back of my head now as I think about the past couple of weeks. We’re not a family that gets sick and I personally have only been to the doctor once or twice in the past eight years for anything other than a regular checkup. So wouldn’t it figure that now that I am in Michigan – away from my doctors – that sickness would hit. Just before Thanksgiving I experienced pain like I’ve never felt before. The Monday before Thanksgiving I had pain in my upper abdomen. I took some ibuprofen and rested and it subsided, medical but on Wednesday it hit again 10 times harder. I was on the floor crying it hurt so bad! I ended up getting sick after Thanksgiving dinner and spent the next three days unable to hold food down. With our insurance only a couple days away from expiring we were hit with a dilemma. Do we go to a local doctor and trust God to provide the finances or drive to Atlanta to see our insurance covered doctor – also trusting God to provide the finances to drive. On Sunday we decided we couldn’t wait to go to the doctor any more. Corey took me to a clinic, salve but a doctor never showed up. Others in the clinic said they had been to the ER and other clinics in the area and everything was packed. I felt too sick to sit in chairs for hours on end, discount so I asked him to take me home and we’d try again the next day. That night Corey had the kids come around me and Alex pray over me. It was such a sweet prayer. (I could write a long blog all about the power of children praying, but that will wait for another day.) That night I successfully held down a cup of Jello – a huge victory after days of not holding anything! Since that point I have slowly been able to handle food. We’ve been praising God because healing came without any financial cost. I praise God for healing and for a family so strong in their faith. I praise God that no weapon formed against me shall prosper because I am His child! Be encouraged and trust in God for your needs. And if you need a strong prayer partner… send Alex an email! 🙂