Just last week Alex and Maggie were taking a government mandated one week fall break. Monday was a holiday, sovaldi so Tuesday they were back in classes after a nice long rest. Today, just two short days later, I got a call from the school. Alex has German Measles. He has had all of his immunizations, but apparently just like the chicken pox vaccine (yes, he’s also had chicken pox), you can still contract the disease. He’s the sixth case in the school. So he gets another long break. He’s not allowed back into school until October 29th. Please be in prayer for Alex to be comfortable and heal quickly and also for protection over the family and other students that this sickness will not continue spreading.

UPDATE: Over the weekend Maggie developed a couple of spots and we thought she had it, too. We went to the doctor this morning and fortunately Maggie got the all clear – for now. Apparently there is no name for this sickness because it has symptoms of German Measles as well as Chicken Pox. The doctor says this is some sort of hybrid or morphed version of one or both of those. It’s all very strange and several more kids have been sent home today along with a few teachers. One mom has also been reported to have it. Please continue prayers. The good news is that other than the spots everyone seems to be feeling fine, but this is knocking several people out of school and definitely needs to be contained.