viagra Helvetica, cialis sans-serif;”>US holidays can sometimes feel very lonely, especially the ones like Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, even Christmas is celebrated differently here so the 25th isn’t really a big deal.  This year, however, we were surrounded by a bunch of great people for Thanksgiving as our missionary fellowship from all over Colombia came together for three days of meetings, relaxing, sharing stories and, of course, eating some turkey!!

Along with sharing time with everyone we were especially blessed with the Jordan family staying with us.  It was so much fun to have little ones running around the house!  If you don’t know Ryan and Caitlyn Jordan, they are special friends.  Caitlyn is the daughter of Mike and Naomi Lawrence, the missionaries we worked with in Bogotá.  We first met Caitlyn when she was about 15 years old and on furlough.  Her family is from the same home church we are.  We were youth leaders at the time.  At that time we would have never imagined a future where we’d be hanging out together on the mission field.  It wasn’t even in our scope of thinking, but here we are spending time with a beautiful family who I respect and look up to as they do great things in missions!  Having their two little ones around made us realize just how fast Alex and Maggie have grown up.  It seems like just yesterday they were 2 and 3 years old!  We loved having little Sibila walking around with a serious face saying, “I NEED ice cream, mommy.  I NEED it!”  Haha!  Maggie tried that after they left…it doesn’t work so easily at 15!