Happy New Year!!  We kicked off this year with a giant bang!  There were fireworks going off all over the city for hours and hours.  We finally went to bed at 4am and they were still going!  We enjoyed a nice New Year’s Eve at a fellow missionary’s house and left so content.  We met two other missionary families here in the city, cialis sale one who has been here for over 20 years and one who just arrived three months ago.  It was a joy to my heart to see more kids close to Alex and Maggie in age, cialis as I’ve been praying for more friends here in the city for them.  It was also exciting to talk about our heart for MedellĂ­n and realize God was using a New Year’s Eve party to help us make connections in ministry.  We literally spent hours connecting with fellow missionaries who have created a solid foundation in ministry and talking about how we could work together to reach the youth and train youth leaders.  I expect exciting collaborations ahead!

I think this is the most talked about new year since Y2K.  “Will 2012 be our last?  Will Jesus come back this year?  Will the economy totally collapse this year?”  I hear a lot of negative, doctor fearful talk about 2012.  I’ve got to say, I am so excited for this year!  If Jesus comes back, there could be nothing more awesome, but if he doesn’t this year and the economy collapses or things go horrifically bad or incredibly good – I am excited about this year!  Whatever is in store, we know it’s not a surprise to God.  He knows exactly how each and every day will go, who will cross our paths, who we need to impact.  This year I will listen more, act more, obey more.  I am giddy at the prospect of how many people in this city have yet to know they have a heavenly father who loves them.  I can’t wait to share how awesome God is with hurting people everywhere and show them love the way that Jesus loves me.

While I don’t live in fear, I live knowing that big challenges may come our way this year and I am determined from today, this first day of 2012, to live each and every day to its fullest, as if it were my last. I don’t want to find myself at the end of things saying, “Oh, I guess I should have done more.”  This year is going to be awesome!

We’re praying for you!  May this year be blessed and amazing and may God use you in unexpected ways!