Yippee! I have finally unpacked everything and amazingly everything has a place! It’s starting to feel more like home around here. I didn’t know until we got here that Corey was able to pack in his stuff my special teapot and my jars of sand and rocks. If you’re not familiar with these items I realize it may seem silly, thumb but they are very special pieces that bring a sense of comfort and memories. We also were able to bring a picture of family and these beautiful candlesticks that Corey and I bought when we went on our cruise. Along with finishing unpacking I was able to complete the “playroom” for Alex and Maggie and put up their posters. I’ll have to take a picture of it. The room is now very much theirs!

Not a lot happened today. Iwas able to successfully exchange a fan that was broken – again, case something silly, hospital yet a big accomplishment when language has the potential to be a barrier. I went with Marcie and April to a few stores. Besides that we hung out around home and ate dinner with the Amiot family. We ate M&Ms today…lol…I love M&Ms, so that was a very special treat. We’re off to get some rest now, though. Tomorrow we will adventure out to a local church for service. The kids are nervous about not being able to understand, but it will be a nice experience for them to start to get a grasp on life in Latin America and the differences in churches. Until then…

p.s. Our email has been a little out of whack today. If I haven’t responded to an email you sent today, please resend it. Thanks!