We had the priviledge of spending time with Shan and Annie Wallace. Waaaay back in the day (nearly 10 years ago) we were all youth leaders together at Calvary. We’ve still been in touch over the years and it was great to see the Wallace family again! Annie is from Colombia and her family still lives here. They came for a visit and while they were here also had a chance to visit Valentina, nurse an LACC child that they support. We went to the school twice. Unfortunately I forgot my camera the first time, so there are no pictures of Shan. He went home a few days before the rest of the family. However, the first day we went the family was able to meet Valentina. She showed us around the school, her classroom, friends, brother, etc.

The next time we went back Annie and the girls came prepared to share with the school. Annie did a short English lesson with every class and they taught the classes either the Hokey-Pokey or Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in English. They also collected the names of every student so that when they went home they could pick a name every day to pray specifically for that child. The girls were a little bit shy at first, but the kids in the school were having none of that. You can see in the picture they were more than happy to surround them and chatter away!

It was wonderful to see familiar faces, but even more so to see the meeting between sponsors and thier students. I hope more out there will come to visit!