This whole process of becoming missionaries has been a very slow process. We’ve constantly been at peace with knowing that God has a time and place for everything, buy hence, order the long wait for departure. But in the past week – even less – so many things have come together we are just blown away! First of all, it’s unofficial, but it looks like all of our pledges will be in by the end of the month. We were just over $500 away in monthly pledges from getting our clearance and since last Wednesday we’ve received quite a few phone calls for pledges that should send us on our way!

Then Friday I sat down to send out an email about selling our cars. I had it all ready to go out with the exception of needing a picture of the interior of Corey’s car. Since he just made his journey from Atlanta to Michigan he hadn’t yet cleaned out his car completely and still had some unpacking to do. On Wednesday of last week I had asked a friend at church to pray with me for our cars to sell quickly. It’s the only hurdle left before we leave for the field. Besides my immediate family she was the only one I had shared with that we were putting the cars on the market this weekend.

So Friday we were getting ready to make dinner when the phone rang. A family from the church we attend was on thier way to a Saturn dealership when they felt like they should call my friend from church. They told her they were on thier way to buy a car and she told them to call me because we had a Saturn to sell. Within an hour they were at the house buying the car! I’ve never sold a car before, but I think it’s pretty amazing to sell a car before you even had the chance to put it on the market! We knew this was God’s divine power working in this situation.
So we are so excited to only have the van left to sell. After today we have no doubt that God has the perfect plan for selling it and we are praising Him for working such an incredible miracle in our lives!

There’s so much that’s been happening in every area that we just praise God for getting everything in order for us to leave. We are going to enjoy the holidays and start the new year heading out to a new culture. It’s just incredible!