One of the biggest adjustments we must make in moving out of the USA is how we shop and eat. Since we have no car, sovaldi sale gone are the days of running through to grab food through the drive through. That’s not bad, diagnosis though. Our options for healthier fare are ever increasing. Yesterday we went to the “feria” which is just a Spanish word to describe the farmer’s market. The picture above shows all of the goodies we brought home, viagra sale including beautiful flowers, all for a whopping $33.54. We will definitely be filling up on our share of vitamin C and more!

Today, as part of our outing with the other students, our director took us to McDonald’s. While it’s a very familiar place to be, the menu is slightly different. I’ll be honest, as much as I thought I might miss McDonald’s, the more fresh food we eat, the less I’m intrigued with processed, greasy items. Here’s hoping we’ll lose a few pounds, get a little healthier and start better eating habits this year! (Especially after two years on the road with tons of fast food, this is a wonderful new reality!) Of course, if we should get desperate, Burger King, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, as well as many other popular American restaurants will deliver to us on a motorcycle….the fries just might be a little cold.