Colombia needs your prayers. South America needs your prayers. We know that in everything God has purpose and in this moment we are anxious to see what direction that will lead Colombia. If you haven’t seen the news, site let me give you a quick rundown of my understanding – although I would highly advise reading the news yourself since it all gets kind of confusing and lots of supposition is involved.

First of all, ask FARC is the leftist rebel group, the guerillas, who are known for having hundreds of kidnapping victims in the jungles. These include some very prominent people including three Americans. Their conditions are reported to be horrible and many are sick or injured and forced to exist in extreme conditions.

On Sunday night the Colombian army attacked a FARC camp and killed the #2 leader. However, apparently this attack took place a mile within the Ecuadorian border. That angered Ecuador and Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president. At this moment Ecuador and Venezuela are sending hundreds of the troops to the border. Why? Well, they’re both seemingly good buddies with the FARC. President Uribe, of Colombia, is going the route of getting international courts involved. Things are just a little bit loco around here as threats and angry rants are being thrown around as more and more evidence surfaces of governments funding and protecting the FARC.

Here is where one wonders what God is doing right now. It seems crazy to me that world leaders can be so irrational. FARC is a terrorist group. They kidnap people. They kill people. They have terrorized this country for decades. Why would anyone support them? But as more information comes out we find they have several presidential friends throughout the world to empower them. As I’ve talked to Colombians and Americans it seems in light of all of this conflict and impending potential of war that many are holding out for a change for the better for Colombia. Finally the world will see (hopefully) what has been going on here for years. Finally the FARC will have to be confronted one way or another. We wonder if war will come or if it is already here. We wonder if lives will be lost. Will the captives be set free? Could something so drastic lead this country back to God? Oh, to have God’s panoramic view.

I write this less in worry and more in wonder of what the future holds. The tensions and expectations of something big weigh on us, but could it be that God is bringing restoration to Colombia?

Please pray for Colombia and all of the leaders of our world, especially at this point in time for the leaders throughout Latin America who seem to be making choices for the left or the right. Pray for wisdom. Pray for God to take over thier hearts, especially the ones who seem out of control on a power high and are just looking for a fight.