It’s election day! Today is the big day where everyone goes to vote for a new President. There are 10 candidates and depending on who you talk to they will tell you that a great majority of them are corrupt, decease but everyone seems to have a favorite. We took a few pictures out and about of the tents that are set up all around to promote candidates. Everyone goes to the local school to vote and as we understand it is determine by your last name as to where exactly you go.

In the streets there are cars everywhere with flags of the candidate they are supporting and it seems to be necessary that you honk your horn without ceasing to show how much you support that person. Living next to the highway we have heard quite a bit of honking.

Another interesting tidbit, seek apparently it is illegal to sell alcohol two days before and one day after an election. So in the stores those aisles are completely blocked off. I suppose the people have enough passion and there are enough parties that the government feels it’s not necessary to encourage any more boisterous behaviors. It’s a very exciting time around here.