“Thank you, God, that we still had a good time – even though we didn’t get to do what we planned,” was Maggie’s prayer last night before she went to bed. It’s amazing how well even the kids have learned to just roll with it when things don’t go according to plan. We woke up early yesterday and joined a group of fellow missionaries in a van heading towards the Poas Volcano. It’s one of the very popular destinations for tourists and is only about an hour and a half out of San Jose. The problem with visiting this particular volcano is that if you don’t see it early in the morning you won’t be able to see it at all because of the cloud cover that moves in early in the day. So we loaded up at 7am to make sure we got there in time. Funny thing – everyone keeps telling us that it doesn’t rain between January and March, but we’ve found it does. The locals will tell you this is most unusual. As you can probably guess, we drove all the way up to the national park where the volcano is, but unfortunately it was raining and they told us there would be no seeing the volcano today.

On the way up we stopped by a coffee plantation and saw an amazing rainbow. I’m working on getting pictures up so you can see those fun stops along the way!

So on to plan B. The driver suggested we stop for breakfast on our way back to San Jose and then by a zoo. We had breakfast at Freddy Fresas. We had gallo pinto – yummy! We also had fresh strawberry juice that was delicious! No added preservatives here, just squished strawberries!

We headed to the zoo and had a very nice time. Costa Rica has over 800 species of birds. We saw about 15 of them. There were iguanas and a cougar, some leopards, lots of birds, etc. It wasn’t your typical zoo, but it was pretty interesting, nonetheless. So we didn’t make it where we planned, but we had a great day anyway. As soon as I can get my computer uploading pictures I’ll give you a link to check them out and you can see the many colors of Costa Rica!