We are coming to the end of our first missionary journey pretty soon. With the unsure future ahead of us, treatment we are in transition. Our first missionary assignment was as Missionary Associates. As of now, our application is at headquarters for us to become Career Missionaries. You might be asking what the difference is between the two, not much, just a slight promotion as we are now ministers. There are a lot of decisions to start making. Our approval to begin fund raising for our next term won’t come until the end of October/ early November. So what do we do until then? Up until this week, that was about the only stressful decision we had in front of us. When you pray for direction for some seemingly easy decisions, God has a tendency of answering in his own way. What do you do when the answer brings more decisions to be made?

We have been on missions trips to several countries and are missionaries currently serving in Colombia. Our plan has been to return to Colombia as fully appointed Missionaries, but God has been really pushing us to keep an open mind for the plan he has for us. We were told to expect a list of countries needing missionaries when we would attend our orientation in October. Unless God changes our mind with one of those options, we are planning to return to Colombia. We did not expect the offers to arrive this week! The Director of Latin America Child Care turned our week upside down as he has emailed and called us several times. There are several positions to be filled throughout Latin America. There is one position in particular he has in mind for us. I’m almost afraid to ask God for direction with this one as I may be opening a can of worms. We try to think of it as one decision at a time, but God has a plan already in mind so the decisions are his to make.

I want all of my decisions to be what God’s heart desires for me. And if I’m truly in sync with God, they aren’t decisions at all, just following his path. A friend also put it, “God wants us to have the desires of our hearts!” My heart’s desire is to be pleasing to God in all that I do.

If you want to know what God is directing us to do, you will have to be patient.