capsule 51, viagra 51); line-height: 18px; “>Can you believe we’re coming up on the end of 2010? What a fast year this has been. We send this message in the midst of chaos and excitement as packing is underway as well as preparation for the holidays and ultimately our farewell to the USA for the next three years. We are so excited to tell you that we have our tickets in hand for a January 5th departure. We will be heading to Costa Rica for four months of language learning and in May we will be settling into MedellĂ­n for our new term. Expectations are high as we look towards the fulfillment of all we’ve been working and praying for. Our gratitude is overwhelming for all of you who have given once, every month, sent gifts and notes of encouragement and – most of all – prayed for our ministry to Colombia.

Maggie’s Mission

If you read our blog, you may have seen me mention over these last two years that Maggie and Alex are determined to be much more active in ministry this term than they were the last. God has been working in both of their hearts to develop ministry skills and ideas that they can do themselves. Maggie has been burdened for some time to collect blankets, shampoo and soaps for kids all over the world who are cold at night and do not have the resources to be clean. If you click here or on the picture to the left, you will find her mission in her own words. If you’d like to help, please give us a call or email to

If You’d Like to Give…

As the year draws to a close, this is a wonderful time to give your final charitable donations for 2010. While we have raised enough funds to go the field, at this point we are not able to go fully funded. That means we’ve made several cuts to our budget in order to be able to leave, but we’re praying that God will supply what has been taken out so that we go with every necessary tool and not stripped down to a bare bones budget. If you’d like to become a monthly support partner and help us raise the remainder of those funds, please click here to access an online monthly commitment form. You can also make a one-time donation at this link.

A Gift We Hope Everyone Will Give

On October 8th, Pastor Cameron and Rachel King lost their four year old daughter, Makiah, in a tragic car accident. In her blog, Rachel tells a beautiful story about Makiah’s heart for children without water. A project has been launched to buy a well for children in Africa. You can help by purchasing a well charm. When 600 have been purchased, it will be possible for a well to be dug to supply water in Makiah’s honor and will be commemorated with a plaque in her memory. Please continue to pray for Pastor Cameron and Rachel. Amidst their grief they are expecting twins in the next few months. Click here to purchase a well charm in Makiah’s honor.