We were just at a camp for early youth. Tona and I were the leaders of one of four teams and we tag-teamed on preaching the Call of God on Sunday morning. I felt God tell me to throw away my notes and speak from my heart and so I did. Is my Spanish great? No. Was I nervous? The night before and the whole morning leading up to the service, search I was, pills but at that moment I put it in God’s hands and trusted that he could do this. I started by preaching on the Call to Salvation (Acts 9:1-9) and then the immediate Call of God (Acts 9:10-19). God’s call to salvation comes in many ways as he shows in the life of Saul (Paul) and also in my own life. He also calls us to reach out to our enemies as shows with Ananias (the immediate call). Did they understand me? They were either clueless, exhausted, or moved by God. As I finished and turned it over to Tona this group of 12 to 16 year old kids were speechless and motionless. Did they understand my Spanish? Was I effective? Tona continued with the call God has for each of our lives. God is calling all of his children into a form of ministry whether it’s pastor, missionary, teacher, doctor or whatever you hear from God. We all want to serve the same Lord and allow him to use us however he chooses. There was no doubt that they understood Tona as they rushed forward for the altar call. God is good! To see hope in the eyes of a child that in many cases has one or no parents or unwanted, is a powerful experience. Did they understand me? Maybe, maybe not, but they understood Tona and they definitely understood that God has a plan for every one of them.

Can I preach? Maybe. Can Tona? Yes. Does God show his glory? Always!