My sister is one who always gets cool Christmas gifts for everyone – always thoughtful and specific to what you desire or will enjoy. This year we were blown away. Corey and I got our present early – tickets to go with my sister and nephew to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I love TSO’s music and I was excited to go, medical but never did I imagine what an amazing concert it would turn out to be. If you aren’t familiar with the group basically what they do is some original music, unhealthy but a lot of Christmas favorites with orchestra, electric guitars, keyboards and drums. It’s amazing. The first half of the show was a Christmas story with lots of favorite songs. You have probably heard their version of Carol of the Bells before on TV or radio. It seems to be played a lot. Then for the second half they just had fun with lots of other songs – the Nutcracker Suite, Flight of the Bumblebee, Carmina Burana and so much more. Along with the music being incredible, the visuals were just as amazing. There were laser lights, strobe lights, fire, snow and lots and lots of light trees (I think that’s what they’re called – the long things of lights that hang from the ceiling.) Every song had a whole light show choreographed to it and it never got repetitive.

I’m just so happy we were blessed to go. We definitely have incredible Christmas memories to take with us as we prepare for the field. If you ever have a chance to catch TSO in concert – don’t pass it up (unless you aren’t a fan of electric guitars and drums)!!