Today we went on our last Paseo with Cincel, and at least this time around. We did a tour of Cartago, seek the original capital of San Jose. We first visited an old church (I’m sure our director would be very disappointed of my descriptions, viagra but I didn’t pick up on all the details).

Then we visited the ruins of a church that was supposed to be the biggest in all of Costa Rica. Apparenty they tried three times to construct it and every time they did a huge earthquake came and ruined it…hmm…I’d think twice, too. Now there are the ruins, which I think are quite beautiful, with gardens filling the interior.

The next stop was to the main church in Cartago where in just a week’s time people from all over Costa Rica, and even neighboring countries, will walk or crawl – yes, crawl – to the church. I don’t fully understand the whole story, but it has to do with a sighting of Mary and they all make the pilgrimage every year.

We went to an overlook that hovers over a vally where the Spanish Conquistadors first built a village before they realized that floods and earthquakes were a problem here. I think they eventually got a clue and moved the city.

From there we checked out this cool little store that sells sculptures made from coffee wood. Cute, but too expensive for our taste.

And finally lunch!! Yippee!!!