We spent this past weekend in Chinauta for Campamento Extremo – Extreme Camp! It was great! On the activity side they went all out for extreme adventure. You can see in the pictures there were several very physical games that included climbing, ampoule crawling through mud, stuff etc. but the kids loved it! There were just over 100 kids broken up into 10 teams.

A highlight of this camp was the special guest, Clavelito, who is a very popular clown in Colombia, Ecuador and some other neighboring countries. The kids were very excited to meet Clavelito. He was a very interesting evangelist – a funny clown for part of the service but very intense when it came to delivering the Word and altar time. The response was phenomenal. The altars were packed and the kids were having intense encounters with God. Even Alex had an amazing experience, but I’ll leave that for him to share in his blog if he chooses to. One of the nights we did service under the stars around a campfire. It’s amazing how bright the stars shine when you are away from the city so high up in the mountains. That in itself reminds you how awesome God is.

The leadership from the children’s pastor to the counselors down to the team who was there to do whatever needed done was excellent. And, of course, the children were amazing! Many of them came from heartbreaking backgrounds, but watching them be free to just be a kid at camp brings incredible joy. We were blessed to have an opportunity to minister with this group. Corey and I had the honor of doing morning devotions with the leaders. We also took on photography duties, taking over 1000 pictures and videos! What you see above is just a very small sample of our experience.