I thought I’d post some pictures from around town so you can see a little more about this city. Here are some interesting points:

~ The Transmilenio is the equivalent of a subway system here in Bogotá. In the middle of several major roads are extra lanes for special buses that go from station to station throughout the city. It’s a very popular way to travel but at certain times of the day people look like sardines all squished in.

~It is not uncommon to see horses pulling carts often filled with families and recyclables. These people will dig through everyone’s garbage to find things they can sell to recyclers.

~Traffic lights turn yellow before turning red, viagra but also turn yellow before turning green. If your car isn’t in motion the second the light goes from red to yellow expect a lot of honking.

~Ciclovia happens every Sunday from 7am until 2pm and on holidays. Half of the lanes of 85 kilometers of main roads throughout the city are shut down to cars and left open for bikers, pharm skaters and walkers. It’s great for families, sovaldi but it makes getting home from church a long ride!

~Christmas decorations are in abundance here. We took some pictures of the mall closest to us. One tradition here is on December 8th they celebrate the Day of the Virgin Mary. In the evening houses were lined with candles to light the way for the Virgin Mary. There have been fireworks every night since the 8th. Another Christmas tradition is that family comes together on Christmas Eve and at midnight have their special dinner and open gifts.