I took my first cross-country solo trip. I have to admit, for sale I was extremely nervous before going. I love adventure, for sale but I was feeling very worried about flying by myself to a city I had never been to and where I knew no one. However, as he always does, God took amazing care of me.

I flew to the LACC school in Armenia. The pastor and his wife were so kind. They picked me up at the airport and we got straight to work taking pictures of all of the kids in the schools and signing new kids up for the program. The children, of course, were sweet and fun! I loved taking time during their recess to just relax with them and get to know them a little bit. They always want to hear English and learn a couple of new words!

The day took a turn for the interesting, for lack of a better word, when a funeral took place in the afternoon. Fortunately it was closed casket, but during the funeral it began to downpour outside. Suddenly it began to downpour INSIDE! Water was pouring in all through the church. While this man’s poor family was there mourning and pastor was trying to keep things going, people were trying to move the casket to a dry space, others were rushing the stage to salvage the musical instruments and the rest were just trying to find a seat where they wouldn’t get wet. It was a very surreal experience.

Outside of that craziness I saw many incredible things – snow-capped mountains, a huge rainbow over rugged mountains, how beautiful this country is to fly over with ever-changing slopes and elevations.

I made it home safe and sound, exhausted from a productive day and so happy that my worries were all exchanged for memories of beautiful people in a beatiful part of this country.