Well, viagra sale I just made another fun and exciting trip to the coast. Yes, stuff that comment was laced with sarcasm. There is nothing fun about the 16+ hour van ride from Bogotá to Ciénaga. Coming off the mountains is like hitting a brick wall; the hot air is too hard for the lungs to handle for a while. Like the last time, remedy I traveled with Ricardo and Francisco. For those of you who don’t know, Ciénaga is located between the Caribbean port city of Barranquilla and resort town of Santa Marta. Does that make it clear as mud? It’s not so much mud as dry dusty dirt. The school is shaping up to be one of the nicest “modern” buildings in all of Ciénaga and definitely the nicest school. There is a large list of families trying to get there kids into this school. Imagine that, a Christian school that they all want their kids in. This was my first time being in charge of the visiting U.S. team, as my boss is stateside this year. Being in charge of construction doesn’t scare me; it’s in my blood, but adding the full responsibility of catering to the needs of a team….. Okay, I have a few new gray hairs, but the team was great. We were able to erect all of the exterior walls of the second floor and a little more. They were a very efficient team from Seneca, SC and very patient with me as I was constantly juggling construction, translating, and planning for each next step. The team was such a blessing. They blessed us again as they upgraded our (Francisco and me) 20 hour bus ride to a 1 hour plane ride for our return to Bogotá. It’s amazing that it only takes about an hour to fly over the mountains. Thank you UAG and God bless.