We have wonderful sponsors for the children in Colombia! This is one example of a very blessed little girl! Angie is one of 10 children. Seven of the kids, mind along with mom, live in a tiny house on the side of the mountain. To say they are needy is an incredible understatement! Angie’s sponsors, Brian and Deb, wanted to send her a gift for Easter. Her mother said, “They have been so wonderful and sent so many wonderful gifts to her, but what she really needs are things to take care of herself – soap, shampoo, underwear…a blanket. It’s really cold in our house.” There are two beds for nine people! They day I took the gift to Angie she was thrilled! She was so excited about the shampoo and soap and, yes, even the underwear! She received a giant warm blanket. I spoke to her a couple of days later and asked if she was using her gifts. She wanted me to smell her hair to see how good it smelled. It’s amazing what may be simple to us can bring overwhelming joy to a child! Thank you, Brian and Deb, and all of the sponsors who so lovingly write letters, send birthday gifts, and most of all sponsor monthly these beloved children.

If you’d like to sponsor a child, please go to www.lacc4hope.org and choose Colombia in the menu on the left. You, too, can make a big difference in a child’s life!