I can’t believe 11 years have passed with Alex in our lives! Time has gone by so quickly! We were sitting at dinner tonight talking about the milestones 11 marks such as he can’t order off of the kid’s menu at some of our favorite menus (and I’ve been blessed with kids who still like to eat off of the kid’s menus!), recipe he’ll have to pay adult price for several attractions and even some airlines that offer kid’s prices. All of this in general doesn’t matter that much, generic but just realizing that we’re ending an era and transitioning to something more. Toys don’t interest him quite as often as they used to and girls are creeping into his thoughts and talking topics. Apparently he ignored our whole “girls have cooties” lecture! The teenage years are just around the corner and I wonder how everything has passed by so quickly. How do we make it stop????

Well, the pictures above are from today and this weekend. He’s had some time with the boys playing hours upon hours of GameCube and tonight we went to play Laser Tag. Fun times!