We have always tried to incorporate Alex and Maggie in our ministry. We’ve never wanted them to feel that mom and dad are working, rx but that they learn they also have a ministry and that God wants to use them, too. In a few weeks Alex will take a huge step of boldness and take part in his first Latin America outreach. On March 10th Luis Palau (http://www.palau.org/lpea/festivals/) is coming to San Jose. Throughout the weekend the central market will be filled with activities and demonstrations to capture the attention of the locals. There is a huge emphasis on children’s ministry during this time. Cincel was asked to form a team to help take part in this process. We were given a 15 minute window of ministry time.

As the plan is set now we will open with a fun song, do a skit and have a closing prayer. This is where Alex comes in. Before asking him, I volunteered Alex to be in the skit – with the understanding that he may not accept. But when I explained the skit to him and why we were doing it he was instantly eager to be part. I am sometimes guilty of expecting too little from my children. I thought he would make comments about not wanting to be in front of a crowd or be insecure about doing a skit that’s all in Spanish, but he didn’t even think twice about it. I was touched by his sense of servanthood. I’ll try to explain the skit. It’s a bit heavy.

In a nutshell the skit is a boy and his father in the car discussing his day. As the conversation moves to the topic of church and God the father expresses that he doesn’t buy into all that, that’s mom’s thing. At some point in the conversation the boy tells his father he wants to be just like him. Suddenly they are in a car accident. The scene changes where they are now in heaven in front of an angel with the Book of Life. The angel explains that neither the father nor the boy can enter. Satan rejoices that he has won not just the father, but the son.

Like I said, this is a bit of a heavy skit, but I explained it to Alex and he understood the message and wants to share it with the people on the street. So please, be praying for him and all of the teams working during this weekend (March 10-12). Pray for San Jose and Costa Rica, that God will move mightily in this city and country.