A friend called me Saturday afternoon and told me we should take our kids to a park by her house for a show that evening. It sounded like fun, click but it was down pouring when it was time to leave the house. We figured it was worth a shot to try (the rain comes and goes here this time of year) so we headed out to her house. The park was about four blocks away and we were amazed when we got there. It was an entire block of lights! There’s a huge Christmas tree and every tree in the park is full of lights and giant ornaments. Restaurants surround the park and our original plan was to grab a bite to eat before watching the show, generic but the show started earlier than we thought so we decided to eat afterwards.

The show was a pool of fountains with laser lights. The first song was okay, doctor not too exciting and then when the next song started nothing was happening. We thought maybe there were technical difficulties when all of a sudden the sky filled with fireworks. The fireworks were beautiful! Then it went back to the fountains and this time there were a lot more lights and the water was dancing. We picked an interesting spot to watch the show. We had a front row spot, which meant we could see every part of the show…however, that also meant we left drenched!! The wind would blow and the water would fall all over us! We looked like we’d be through a tour at Niagara Falls when it was all over. By the way, it never rained while we were out, but we came home more wet than if it had!

When the show was over we walked towards the restaurant we had planned on going to when all of a sudden the restaurant that was so empty had a line forming down the street to get into! So we walked around the park to another restaurant and warmed up with hamburgers and milkshakes :).

It was a very fun night walking around part of town with people everywhere, beautiful decorations and lights, a party Chiva bus that kept circling the blocks – just getting a feel of what this city is like after dark! And maybe we’ve found a new tradition to add to our Colombian Christmases.