Things have been very busy! Here’s a glimpse at a few odd and end things that have been going on:
– The church held a leadership conference for everyone who works in a ministry within the church. Much competition ensued between each group over who could be the most exuberant!
– I (Tona) took an art class with Alex. My creation was a tray. I’m now done with art class!! Alex had two incredible creations. One is being finished and the other is posted on our website. (Corey is the keeper of the photos and I’m not sure where it disappeared to!)
– Maggie has found a new passion for reading The Word and especially learning about Stephen. She shared her insights with her dog!
– Alex and Maggie are both in a great cooking phase! They’ve been making waffles, diagnosis pancakes, salve french toast, sovaldi empanadas and on this very delicious evening…crepes with strawberries, bananas and chocolate sauce!! YUMMY!!
– The dogs are doing well…and are incredibly tolerant of all the kids do to them!
– The kids had Día Del Idioma (Language Day) at school where Maggie did a skit on Colombian culture and Alex sang “Colombia Es Pasión” with his class.
– Alex recently found out he has the Martinez eyes and got to pick out some new spectacles.
– Maggie has learned a new way of knitting with her hands and has made a whole collection. Oops…guess everyone knows what they’re getting for Christmas!!

And that’s a wrap up of some of the odd and ends going on. Check out the kids blog – – to see more about what they’ve been up to.