It’s been a week of all-day-long sessions, ailment lots of information and not a lot of time to relax. It’s been a great time – learning a lot about our countries and regions of the world, order getting to know our directors better, viagra sale meeting other new missionaries and really just having a different frame of mind this week. We’ve thouroughly enjoyed it.

Today, however, we had a day off! It’s been in the 90s almost every day this week, so we could think of nothing more enjoyable to do than head to where the water is! We went with friends to a water park a little ways out of Springfield and had a wonderful time playing with the kids – who made me go on some water slides that completely freaked me out! There was a wave pool, lazy river and several different kinds of slides. We had so much fun, but also time to just lay in the sun and rest. You know it’s a good day when all of the kids fall asleep on the way home because they’ve just expended so much energy!

It was so nice to have a day off. Tomorrow we get back to work. Alex and Maggie’s will leave in the morning for Mukappa – camp for the next five days. It’s a “Survivor” style camp where they have no bathrooms except for trees, they will bathe in the river and sleep in hammocks. They’re not allowed to bring shampoo or deodorant along with pretty much anything else – at least they can take toothbrushes and toothpaste! It’s sure to be a week of crazy adventure for them. Keep them in your prayers!

Corey and I are speaking along with the other missionaries at a local church in the morning, so with all the excitement that lies ahead, we’re off to bed early tonight. God bless you!