Not too long ago we lost a dear friend, prostate Mrs. Becky Brumbalow, who was a sweet and tiny lady with a whole lot of spunk about her! One of her favorite things to say was “Today is a great day for a miracle!” This past week, every day has been a great day for a miracle! Since our post on October 12th, every day more and more support has poured in and I am so excited to tell you that we have reached 100% of our required monthly pledges to go to the field!!

So now what? Well, we have to go back to language school for one trimester to refresh on our Spanish, so we should be leaving on a plane the first week of January for the flight to Costa Rica. Between now and then we will continue to raise funds because although we have reached 100%, it is of our bare-bones, slimmed-down, trimmed-down budget. We cut a lot of things out of our budget in order to be able to go, so between now and the end of December we will continue to raise funds in hopes of putting some meat back on those bare bones, but regardless of how much “meat” we can raise, we will be leaving in January!!
We have so many people to thank for praying, for giving, for spreading the word and getting their friends on board! It has been incredible each day seeing our updates and how many people have come alongside our ministry to Colombia. We are so touched by your love!
Keep praying! There’s lots to do between now and the first week of January to close up this itineration and move on to our term! We are full of excitement and ready for this next chapter!